Friday, February 21, 2020

A Library Outside the Traditional Library System Article

A Library Outside the Traditional Library System - Article Example I was stuck in my research quest. I did not know what to do. My cousin had limited experience with the online library himself. We send a message through the system in the form of an inquiry to the librarian about how to proceed. The librarian answered in less than 48 hours. The tips I received from the librarian on how to find the information I was seeking were very useful. Remote access is the ability to enter or log into a network from a remote location (Webopedia, 2007). School should be providing this type of service to its student body. Remote access has plenty of applications for students enrolled at the k-12 level. Teachers can create laboratories in their classrooms is which all the students are able to log into a network to enjoy some type of educational experience. The teacher itself does not have to be present during the session since remote access allows teachers to monitor the system from an outside location. Student knowing that the teacher can monitor their computer activities; since every action get logged into the system will behave well and learn the value of responsibility and self-control. Remote access can also provide privileges to the k-12 students such as the ability to enter the school library or electronic resources to find information after school that can help them with their assignment from their homes. As a part of team responsible for managing a school library media system in the transition process of creating a website and electronic resources there would be plenty of things that had to be worked on, but the top priority would be on educating the faculty and teachers on the system. A school with technologies deficiencies in its library system has a great possibility of having these types of deficiencies thought the school. I would set up immediate mandatory seminars for the teachers to get them up to data on the National Educational Technology Standards.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Concept of supply and demand; of antitrust laws and of labor unions Essay

Concept of supply and demand; of antitrust laws and of labor unions - Essay Example This research will begin with the presentation of the concept of supply and demand. It has become one of the most important concepts in modern day economics. Indeed this concept can be summed up as the one in which, the producer of a commodity has a certain quantity for sale in the market and that quantity which consumers are ready to buy. As a result of this, the demand for a particular commodity depends on a number of factors like the commodity price, related commodity prices and also consumers buying power and choices. The supply of a particular commodity depends on a number of factors like the cost incurred in the production of that particular commodity, the price of related kinds of products and many other factors. The concept of supply and demand is always existent and the market’s main aim is to bring a form of stability and equilibrium between the demand as well as supply through the pricing of commodities. Antitrust Laws are special type of laws that have been created by the American government in order to prevent the formation of monopolies, which could otherwise result in unhealthy market competition. Thus these are a set of Federal laws which can be applied in case of both businesses as well as individuals. The first Antitrust law in America was created in the year 1890. Thus this law ensures that, all the individuals and the various business establishments are given a fair deal, hen it comes to market competition and that no single company or individual gains an upper hand in business dealings unlawfully.